Ruby and Power

‘Judgements do not define me; I define me. I am powerful for being who I am, not another person’s version of myself.’

'Power isn’t something you are born with; power is earned; something you fight for. Everything that I have gone through and will go through has pushed growth within myself. If it weren't for the adversity myself or any woman has faced we wouldn't be the women we are today and that in itself is very powerful. I am lucky to have been brought up around powerful women who I really looked up to for inspiration, who always encouraged me to take myself seriously and to back myself.'

'I am powerful because I grow. As I grow I learn who I am. Growth is power.'

'I don’t agree with the statement what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger; I feel like the statement puts too much power into the position of what didn’t kill you. It doesn’t show the support you received or any of the internal change after it. Your resilience is what makes you stronger, it isn’t the falling it is the getting back up and trying again.'

// Ruby’s portraits were shot with a PentaxK1000 and Portra400 film and expired Fujifilm Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 400. No edits.

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