Fury and Power

'I feel powerful when I surprise men who are attempting to shrink-ray me with my intelligence, strength and dissent. Whether it be in a cat-calling situation, a butt-grabbing situation or even just a mansplaining situation. The look on their faces when they realise what they’ve walked into is so priceless and delicious, I just love it.'

'The way I dress/my appearance in general has always been an extremely empowering regimen for me. It makes me feel powerful to define my own femininity and make choices that people or even just I might not always expect. I feel most powerful when I am acting against the current, and questioning otherwise concrete norms that somehow feel inherently wrong.'

‘[At school], the girls had the tentatively granted option to wear a tunic or pants and I was one of the only girls (perhaps the only) in my year to choose the pants option, in perpetuum. If comments were ever made it only cemented the need for me to continue; I felt strong and different. I also rocked a heavy cat eye through the better part of high school, despite being sent to the office every second day or so to remove it along with any nail polish I was wearing. Eventually they conceded and left me to it ~ tiny battles lol. I continued to do it right until the end, and it always made me feel so diabolical and big in a place that was otherwise trying to shrink me down. I did a shoot once where I was made to look quite androgynous, and it made me feel so powerful and strangely, so feminine. I think for me it was a similar feeling to what I played with during adolescence.'

'I saw the Robert Mapplethorpe exhibition today... his images of Patti are incredible, and I’ve always identified with her on a cosmic level. She’s so raw and powerful and unapologetic and completely defines her own femininity. She has to be one of my biggest idols.'

// Fury’s portraits were shot with a PentaxK1000 and Portra400 film. No edits.

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