About Women and Power

Women and Power is a project aiming to showcase what power can mean for different individuals who identify as a woman.

As someone who identifies as a woman, I find myself pushing away traditional expectations that surround womanhood and femininity. The challenges I’ve faced due to the gender I identify with have influenced the way I perceive gender and the way it informs how I exist in the world. For me, identifying as a woman means being my own individual and being critical, and I hope my series Women and Power has successfully contributed to discussions which work to challenge the normative ideas that exist in our society.

There’s so much to learn. I take full responsibility for the fact that whilst a woman, who faces inequality (which so many incredible individuals have fought to reduce in the past, present and will continue to in the future), I still hold so much power and privilege.

As a Social Worker in training, I have learned that Social Workers must use their power and privilege to lift people up. I will use my educational privilege, my white, cis-privilege, my able-bodied privilege – all of it, to lift people up. To give a voice to my clients when they’re misunderstood, abandoned, and their voices aren’t heard.

I learn from the individuals who surround me every single day. I feel strong and capable because of the women in my life. And I’ve learned a lot from this series. I’ve learned that you can feel powerful by going within, being sensitive, nice and vulnerable. You can be powerful by rejecting societal norms and challenging traditional notions of gender. You can find power through your complexity. You can be powerful through facing adversity and fighting it. You can be powerful through your ability to never give in or give up.


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